Black Magic

A spectacular summer, all good things must come to an end. 
BlACK.MAGIC.VOODOO with Chriss Vargas & Friends

Main stage:
Chriss Vargas / Cristian Arango / Gregg Dubz / Joe Grossman / Das Burno

Kings Room:
Berny Bunrs/ Royy Restrepo/ Chris Sanabria/ Chris Patrick/ Jay R/ Mr Diego/ Juan Ramirez

The practice of voodoo aims to protect its followers from evil. But to do so, it has to make some... sacrifices. Join Chriss Vargas & Friends this Labor Day Weekend for BLACK MAGIC, as he brings his mega-beats to the unbelievable outdoor/indoor Brooklyn Mirage for the very first time. What Kind of VOODOO Do You Do? 

What’s in store this year? Besides the location which is the brand new Brooklyn Mirage located in the heart of Brooklyn, we are putting a massive production, cast of voodoo dancers and live performances. Witches flying through the air, and black spells galore. Watch out for possessed beings, massive spiders, and a slew of dead girls. 

Your presence is requested… if you dare.
Dresscode: BLACK.